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iPhone App Developer

iPhone app developer Montana Media develops apps since the start of operating system iOS. Because of this Montana Media has the largest possible experience with developing on this platform. The native experience on the iPhone are together with usability Montana Media's key features.iPhone App

iPhone users love Apple for the fluidness of their operating system iOS because of its subtle animations and pixel perfect design. Montana Media ensures that your end users are feeling right at home at their own chosen platform in a way that they are used to. This way your users can fully focus themselves on your content. This contrary to developing an app in for example PhoneGap.

We make (next to our own apps) mainly tailor-made business apps for startups and multinationals. Our clients often choose for having made an iPhone app as well as an Android app. We handle the entire process from planning and design to development, testing and delivery. Are you interested in what Montana Media can do for you? Please feel free to contact us or drop by our office in Utrecht to discuss your ideas.

Why a native app?


  • Fluid animations
  • Familiar app structure
  • Recognizable interface
  • Speed
  • Latest techniques
  • Quick support for new iOS versions


  • Big crowd needs a native Android app as well
  • Longer time to develop