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HTML5 App Developer

HTML5 app developer Montana Media has proven itself as a reliable and competent development partner.HTML5 App

An HTML5 web app is the solution for quickly deploying an app on all platforms. A web app is particularly useful when the development time is too short for solutions such as the making of a single iPhone app and Android app. Also, a web app is suitable when it's not necessary for a user to have your app installed for a long time. Think about a one-time event for example.

Are you looking for a high quality web app? Do not hesitate to contact us visit our office in Utrecht to discuss the possibilities.

Why choose for an html5 app?


  • Directly available for all platforms
  • Fast Development
  • Faster time to market


  • Limited interaction animations
  • General application structure
  • No optimal user experience
  • Slower than a real app
  • Limited technical possibilities