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Nature's Alarm Clock: Beach

Nature's Alarm Clock: Beach

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With this app you can wake up with a beautiful peaceful beach with colors of paradise together with calming sounds of the ocean. You can choose one of ten great beaches from sunrise to sunset and from bright blue seas to wild oceans.


  • Wake up viewing paradise
  • Choose one of the ten beautiful videos
  • Videos automatically loop
  • Customize clock color and snooze time
  • Am/pm or 24 hour

All videos used in the application are the property of Isis Visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't the app display notifications in iOS 5?

iOS 5 doesn't allow local notifications by default, you'll have to turn then on in Settings -> Notifications -> Beach Clock.

Why don't I hear the sound of the videos?

Your device is probably set to vibrate or your sound is set to off.