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Android App Developer

Android app developer Montana Media has 5 years experience in creating apps on mobile devices. Montana Media believes in ease of use and a native Android experience for its developed apps.Android App

The Android user can completely focus on your content, if an app has a recognizable Android interface. With Montana Media as your app partner you have the guarantee not only you get a tailor-made product, but also the users get the best possible experience on their Android device. In comparison with having made a single app for all platforms like in PhoneGap, a native app breathes quality. And that radiates back to your organization!

Our team specializes in creating custom business apps for both starting and established companies. It is no problem to also develop an iPhone app for you. We provide support for planning and design to development, testing and delivery. For questions or ideas please feel free to contact us any time, we are happy to help. You are also welcome to visit our office in Utrecht.

Why a native app?


  • Fluid animations
  • Familiar app structure
  • Recognizable interface
  • Speed
  • Latest techniques
  • Quick support for new Android versions


  • Big crowd needs a native iPhone app as well
  • Longer time to develop